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In apartments, units and flats space is often considered the main inhibitor to having a garden. Sometimes the secret to maximising limited space is to look up. Vertical areas are often underutilised especially as garden space.

Vertical organic food gardens are fun and creative ways to grow herbs and vegetables in an urban space. It freshens up that blank wall you have been looking at and deciding what to do with it.

Urban Food Garden provides low maintenance designs. Our system is self watering, reducing the need for you to remember to water the garden.

When you entertain, you can cook with the herbs and vegetables right at your finger tips.The aromas and colouring coming from the garden are amazing, and can inspire you and your guests to cook.

An Urban Food Garden can also be used to create natural screening. We can even use your window sill as a feature area.

For larger areas like courtyards and rooftops, we have small veggie pods from 100cm x 50cm to larger veggie pods 200cm x 100cm. These are self watering with a cover that uses the latest in greenhouse technology. This, with our ideal soil, gives superior growth rates for your herbs and veggies.

Urban Food Garden will customise the design to the space so all you need to think about is what produce you would like to grow.

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