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Growing the Community: An Urban Oasis

Posted on 1 February 2017
Growing the Community: An Urban Oasis

Community gardening or 'City Farming' is a term we have seen popping up more regularly of late.

According to the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network directory,  there is currently 579 'urban garden' efforts in Australia, this includes community gardens, school gardens, verge gardens, urban cooperative farms, and community-supported agriculture efforts.

At Urban food garden, we love nothing more than seeing how gardening can bring people from all races and demographics together. So what exactly are these urban oasis' all about?

Urban gardening is the responsible and creative repurposing of private or public land for food or pleasure.  They create safe spaces to encourage social interaction, bringing together like-minded people, sparking not only friendships but also creating positive movements amongst a community.

Get Creative:

There's no denying it, green is gold when it comes to livening up a drab or dead space.  Community gardens bring soul and interest to an otherwise boring street corner or paved town square. The colour green in nature has also been linked to an increase in innovative and creative thinking.

Gardens can be much more than beds dug into the ground. You can grow them up walls, recycle old wine barrels, or even utilise dead roof space get creative, you may even like to propose your local council make a community event around it.

Waste not, want not:

Urban Gardens can also act as an educational tool to demonstrate how we can live more sustainable lifestyles and contribute to climate change solutions.

Encourage sustainable waste management solutions by installing a compost system that can be used to discard of weeds and plant waste appropriately. This can then be fed back into the garden to encourage new growth and zero waste.

G et back to basics:

It is common for urban dwellers to loose their connection with food, this is especially true for kids that have grown up in the age where supermarkets and fast food haunts reign supreme. Urban gardens help people reconnect with their food and where it comes from by re-establishing a connection with nature.

Build positive relationships between your kids and their food by getting them involved in community urban gardening efforts. If you don't have a local garden already, enquire about building your own city farm, or encourage your kid's school to incorporate one into their curriculum.

If you would like to collaborate with Urban Food Garden on a community garden project get in contact with us on 1300 799 568.

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