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Plant smartly & strategically

Posted on 23 June 2017
Plant smartly & strategically

Working in line with mother nature is always a good idea. When designing & sewing your UFG, keeping in mind the requirements of different types of fruits & vegetables will help you maximise your gardens output, & help you kick off in a positive way to keep you motivated. Here are some common plant requirements - if you get stuck you can always get in contact with us!

Citrus: need sunlight, warmth, water, and feeding to develop. Plant in a sheltered sunny position with moist, humus-rich, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. During the growing season they need plenty of water and regular small applications of fertilizer to promote growth and fruit size. They need very little in the way of pruning, but can be trimmed lightly at harvesting time, if necessary.

Brassica (cabbages, broccoli, cauli, asian greens) : These easy-togrow adaptable plants do best in well-drained, moist soil that has been enriched with well-rotted manure. They do best when planted in a sunny position. In vegetable gardens, rotate the planting site annually to avoid soil-borne diseases - use a different site each year for 3 years, returning to the original site in the fourth year. Propagate from seed throughout the year,
depending on the variety.

Allium (onion, garlic, chives): Generally Allium species thrive in a sunny well-drained position. Plant in a fairly light well-drained soil, and ensure they receive ample water whilst the foliage is developing and during flowering, after which time, the plants can be allowed to dry off. Propagate by gathering offsets and bulbils or from seed.

Source: Gardening Australia


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