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Why Garden?

Posted on 23 March 2016
Why Garden?

How important is gardening?

To the lay person, gardening might be just a simple hobby one takes up upon retirement, a way to stay mentally & physically active & to maintain contact with the outdoors. To us, gardening, growing your own food, & encouraging nature to flourish in your environment goes way deeper than merely a hobby.

You see human beings have their very history rooted in nature & we have coevolved with it to be in nature is in our very DNA which means in today's day & age we are going against our genetics! When it comes to food, this is especially so, with rates of processed food consumption & subsequent disease at unprecedented amounts.

At some point throughout history, we let governing bodies control our food supply, which meant they had 'the power' governing control. Without food, we can not survive. You see we're quite used to this now; many kids these days think food grows on the supermarket shelves & have extremely limited knowledge of even basic food skills. When we gave up control of the food supply, it was the birth of economics. Managing resources in a supply & demand scenario, it was also the beginning of our decline in health.

Hunter gatherer tribes still alive today experience robust health & show key indicators of health, such as microbial diversity, way advanced to anything from us in the west. Their diets consist of wild foods, organically grown in naturally rich soils, devoid of any pharmaceutical chemicals & preserving agents. They eat as nature intended, or as we evolved to require.

You see that's what we're passionate about at Urban Food Garden, about bringing nature to your garden. Yes, its about growing food & saving you money but it's more than that; it's saying yes to thousands of years of human evolution & it's saying no to the notion that what we eat should be provided by someone else. We're interested in helping you become the best you can be; the healthiest you can be. We're interested in you becoming secure in the knowledge that you are in control of your food supply. We believe children should play outdoors more, should enjoy the benefits of nature in their own backyard & that's why we're here.

You see, the average person might see a lettuce seed, or a bag of soil, or an empty plot, but we see potential. We see the potential to take back control of your life by taking back control of one of the most fundamental human needs; our food. We also see the potential for you to reawaken your genetics, to assist in the re-greenification of the world by encouraging ecological systems within your own home.

If this speaks to you then get in touch, we'd love to work with you


The UFG Team.

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