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The goal of many developers is to create a thriving residential community, does this sound familiar?

There are two types of options we can offer.

  1. Urban Food Garden can work with you to create a design for your residents to choose an Urban Food Garden as an added feature to their home and land package.

  2. We can tailor the urban food garden to a particular size and style complimenting the decor and aesthetics of the village.

We can also develop a community garden which can be integrated into the design of the residential community. It will bring residents together and provide a proud sense of community spirit.

A detailed plan will be created and customised relevant to the space available, and the climate. These may include, but are not limited to Vegetable Plants, Fruit Plants, Herb Plants, Glass Houses, Garden Beds, Hen Houses, Bee Hives, Rainwater Tanks, Irrigation Solutions, Energy Solutions, Compost and Earth Worms and Garden Art. Urban Food Garden can work with local councils to gain approval if required.

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