Growing the Community

One of our proudest passions at Urban Food Garden is giving back to the community.

Our charity the UFG Foundation is focused on connecting people to a more sustainable way of life through education, volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.

We encourage the cultivation, consumption and dissemination of fresh produce and our goal is to educate Australians how fruits and vegetables can be grown economically, even in limited space.

Through our partnerships with schools, hospitals, retirement villages, nursing homes and other community organisations nationwide, we aim to promote the benefits of a healthy and self-sustaining diet.

The UFG Foundation also provides a unique way for any business to nourish its corporate-social responsibility through staff volunteering days and tax-free donations.

Who we help

  • Schools & child care facilities
  • Aged care and retirement villages
  • Indigenous communities
  • Underprivileged Australians
  • Local organisations
  • Council and government

Some of our initiatives include

  • Creating 'living classrooms' where kids can grow their own fruits and vegetables while learning about the importance of healthy and sustainable living.
  • Building highly accessible gardens which meet the diverse needs of elderly people and those living with disabilities.
  • Producing open-source community gardens to enhance the environment and provide ways for locals to connect with one another

How to get involved

The UFG Foundation always welcomes an extra pair of hands, whether from one person or a hundred. Get in touch with us to find out how you and your team can contribute to our initiatives either through volunteering initiatives or donations.

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