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Urban Food Garden donates proceeds to the PHASE (Philanthropic and Social Enterprise Trust), to ensure they continue their great work in the community.

PHASE programs include:

Multicultural Arts In Health focusing on senior citizens in out-of-home accommodation

Multicultural Arts in Health programs provide healthcare settings with a positive, therapeutic and wellbeing experience through the arts to the many patients in hospitals and residential care facilities.

The scope of our multicultural music program features musicians and music genres from the major continents around the world, including, but not limited to music with its roots in cultures from the Mediterranean, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as the various Celtic and Folk music traditions.

The multicultural music programs feature a participatory aspect, whereby the patients, visitors and even staff can engage with the music by singing and playing simple percussion instruments.  It includes Sound Therapy for patient wellbeing and relaxation with the use of Himalayan singing bowls and Chinese gongs.

Multicultural Arts In Schools, focusing on junior and primary levels

Multicultural Arts in Schools programs provide schools with a positive educational experience through the arts to thousands of students.

The scope of the multicultural arts in schools program features engaging presentations by musicians, singers, dancers, and visual artists from a variety of cultures including Aboriginal Australia, the Mediterranean, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Europe and the Americas, as well as the various Celtic and Folk traditions.

The Annual Schools Projects involve music workshops with students during school terms, resulting in an annual end of year concert celebration presented by participating students and the Multicultural Arts in Schools professional musicians to a wide variety of the public, including parents, family, friends, teachers and notary citizens.

Two further programs are subject to work-in-progress R&D and include:

Employment opportunities for the disabled.

The Disability Employment Research Project is in the pursuit of establishing a platform upon which to assist disabled people to gain sustainable employment.

To that end, the input is being sought from such organisations as Bedford Phoenix, Disability SA and Kelly Vincent MP.

The duration of the research project is anticipated to be  6 to 12 months and will be rolled out upon satisfactory completion.

Sustainable dignified living accommodation for senior citizens.

The Sustainable Dignified Living Research Project , is in pursuit of establishing and testing a model for the provision of senior citizen serviced accommodation which involves a full suite of services, including, accommodation, food, cleaning, gardening, entertainment and other related assistance for the benefit of senior citizens who otherwise may unnecessarily be consigned to nursing home facilities. A feature of the accommodation is the customization of the respective properties to establish sustainable edible gardens.

The duration of the project is anticipated to be around 12-18 months and will be rolled out at upon satisfactory completion.

Our values align as a business and charity partner with the goals of making a real difference in people's lives.

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