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For many, establishing and maintaining a bountiful and productive edible garden is a big challenge. Lack of knowledge, confidence, time or building skills conspire against us doing what has come naturally for generations...

  • What do we plant?
  • When do we plant?
  • What about bugs and diseases?
  • Fertilisers and sprays?
  • Sunlight? Too much sunlight?
  • Or you may have even tried your own garden and it died.

The questions are endless and it all becomes too hard.

Not anymore!! Urban Food Garden is your answer to the perfect organic edible garden and is all neatly packaged with all the answers to all your questions.

Your Urban Food Garden is customised to the area in which you live and the room you have available. We take away all your worries about what to plant, what soil to use, where to position the garden and ongoing maintenance.

There are many different types of gardens that can be utilised at your home. These may be Raised Garden Beds, Pods, or vertical gardens. The scope is broad.

You can choose a design based on the type of vegetables you would like to grow and cook for your family. Or you can choose the appearance/ materials of your garden beds to match the overall design of your house or both.

Your area will be transformed into a mouth watering healthy organic food garden. Give your family tasty, healthy vegetables free from poisonous chemicals and other nasties. Keep you and your family thriving and strong with your own healthy organic produce.

You have the option of the Urban Food Garden being a once-off set-up of your garden or a continuous service of ongoing regular weeding, pruning and maintenance.

We can also work alongside you to pass on all the skills and advice you need to get the most out of your garden.

The choice is yours... Plant it, grow it, eat it - Be in control of the food that you serve.

It is great to be able to sit down with the whole family and enjoy the food we have grown. It gives me as a mum a re-assuring feeling that I am educating my kids so when they grow up they can make good decisions about food.


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