Plant It, Grow It, Eat It with Urban Food Garden


Have you ever thought of swapping a car park space for an Edible Organic Food Garden which you can use in your kitchen?

Imagine what your customers would say as they are relaxing in your cafe amidst the aroma of home grown herbs and knowing the food they are about to order was prepared in the kitchen using the ingredients they could see in your garden.

As more and more people are becoming health conscious about what they eat, so too is the decision of where they dine.

Restaurants and cafes that are leading the way in the push for fresh, healthy meals are fast becoming the places to eat.

'People always comment how great it is to see the vegetable garden and know straight away the café uses fresh home grown produce, and they say they can taste the difference. Since having our own vegetable garden we have increased our customers. I love being able to provide my customers with great healthy food'.


The garden that you grow can help you design a creative menu. This is where the fun begins, what type of vegetables and fruit would you like to grow for your restaurant? Why not choose some creative vegetables or herbs that you know could spice up your menu.

An organic food garden can be the differentiating factor for your business and at Urban Food Garden we can work to any space and to any variety of food.  We are extremely creative in a small spaces and can offer many designs using low maintenance self watering systems which we have found ideal for our restaurant customers.

We will work with you to gain required council approvals required and we offer an ongoing maintenance program to ensure you are getting the most out of your edible organic food garden.

Start dreaming of the food you can create for your customers.

Urban Food Garden, Your Way To A Healthy Future

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