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Many people move into retirement villages as their house or garden becomes too high maintenance for them to handle. Gardening for the residents has been a part of their life and is missed greatly. They yearn for older ways, and have enjoyed using their hands.

Offering residents the opportunity to be part of their retirement community garden allows for a happier transition to retirement living. The fact that they are not solely responsible gives residents a sense of relief, if they don't feel up to it, they don't have to do it. This is where our maintenance option is an excellent proposition for the running of the retirement village.

The edible garden becomes a way to socialise with the other residents and form friendship bonds over gardening giving residents a sense of belonging. It also gives residents a sense of pride and achievement to see their garden grow under their watchful eyes.

You are also able to grow produce for the residents' kitchen. This will yield great savings in the kitchen. Just think of the savings you can make. A consumer paying $1,500.00 rates and $50.00 a week on fruit and vegetable purchases, can achieve recovery of those expenses by investing in 1 square metre of high value plants, or 2 square metres of lower value plants. The greater the number of square metres allocated to growing, the greater the dollar returns.

Your Urban Food Garden is customised to the climate of the retirement village location and the space you have available.

We offer retirement villages the complete package a fully customised garden and an ongoing maintenance solution. Please ask us about our sponsorship opportunities.

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