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Urban Food Garden is a customised service that provides you with the perfect garden in any location, large or small and in any building type, home, business or high-rise.

Your Urban Food Garden is customised to the area in which you live and the space you have available. We take away all your worries of what to plant, what soil to use, where to position the garden and its maintenance.

The Urban Food Garden team are here to take care of the garden for you or to stand beside you. We have services to meet all your needs. We can even babysit your edible delights while you are on holidays allowing you to return home to a fresh cuisine of awesomeness.

We can deliver on your dream of knowing that your food is healthy, fresh and full of flavour. Your edible garden is toxin free and safe from dangerous pesticides, fertilisers, inoculants and chemicals.

Australian Bureau of Statistics records show the average Australian household spent slightly less on fruit and vegetables ($14) than on meat ($25) and considerably less than that spent on fast-food and takeaway ($31). Just think of the money you could save by owning your own organic Urban Food Garden!

The health benefits of using your own organically grown fruit and vegetables compared to take-away food is monumental.

"The inspiration to create the Urban Food Garden came from my father, a Greek immigrant, whose love of the land and fresh food lead him to have a most abundant and glorious garden. The garden produced such a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that he took great pleasure in sharing it with neighbours*. George (Founder)


Urban Food Garden is focused on sustainability and providing the means for the everyday person to grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our vision is based on food security and helping people to realise the importance of growing their own food as our population grows.

Australia has a growing population and to meet the needs of people it is importing an increasing amount of food from overseas competing with our own growers’ produce. In order to compete with the imported produce many Australian growers’ resort to using chemicals and genetically modified plants to grow their produce.

The Urban Food Garden team has seen the human waste sludge used to grow much of the overseas produce and we have seen the chemicals and antibiotics used in Australia which we do not want to eat, or have our children to eat.

We want every Australian to share in our vision of growing our healthy fresh fruit and vegetables by having their own fresh fruit and vegetables.

Together we can do this, be a positive part of the solution. PLANT IT GROW IT EAT IT

Urban Food Garden, Your Way To A Healthy Future

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