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Nothing quite beats biting into a sun kissed, super ripe, sugary sweet apricot picked straight from the tree, or the joy of watching your children dive excitedly into vegies they have grown themselves, or the feel of a warm egg straight from the nest in the palm of your hand.

In the past,  the plains were a food bowl. Every backyard seemed to have one or two fruit trees and a veggie patch. This was especially true for the first and second generation Greek and Italian families whose yards were packed with juicy tomatoes, capsicum and basil and emanating a strong fragrance of oranges and lemons.

With much of our food being imported from half way across the world, increasing rates of obesity and a generation of children losing connection to the seasons, the importance of access to good quality fruit, vegetables and other home produce has never been so vital.

With your own Urban Food Garden you will have healthy organic tasty fruit and vegetables right at your fingertips.

A consumer paying $1,500.00 rates and $50.00 a week on fruit and vegetable purchases, can achieve recovery of those expenses by investing in 1 square metre of high value plants, or 2 square metres of lower value plants. The greater the number of square metres allocated to growing, the greater the dollar returns.

Urban Food Garden, your way to a Healthy Future.

Urban Food Garden, Your Way To A Healthy Future

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